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Monetonic Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is an investment consulting firm established with an objective of helping investors reach their destination of goals and aspirations by leveraging on financial acumen. Read More


Monetonic’s vision is to be acknowledged as a leading finance firm that is a ‘One Stop For All’ solution provider that caters all the financial needs of individuals and corporates.


Monetonic strives to keep the financial health of all its customers in top shape and thriving.


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No. There is no fees and no other hidden charges. We generate our revenues from a small commission from Mutual Fund companies. More details are available on the disclosures page.

Yes, all our clients get access to a dedicated investment adviser. The adviser will help you choose the right funds based on your investment needs, risk appetite and other parameters. She/he periodically (mostly every 6-12 months) reviews your portfolio, its progress and makes further recommendations.

While all these distributors will help you with Mutual Fund transactions, our focus is beyond transactions.

At the heart of it, our continuous endeavour is to provide Honest Advise to our clients while focusing on their long term wealth creation.

We provide you with a dedicated financial adviser; who cautiously choose well researched funds for you; design a personalised portfolio for you; annually review your portfolio and suggest changes including switching the funds and Rebalancing.

Clients who wish to invest physically are helped by adviser to select the right funds based on the individual’s profile. For those who choose to invest online, get to see the list of recommended funds in their account once they login.

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 Following the Centre’s order for a 21-day lockdown, working professionals are working from home, students and teachers are trying out online courses, elders are spending more time on social media like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tick Tock etc. In short everyone is glued to internet in one form or other. For Cyber Security criminals, this is a huge opportunity as firstly their target base has suddenly increased and secondly most of the home networks often lack the same level of security that exists at workplace.

Last week, several home users received an attractive e-mail offer. Free Netflix subscription for the entire lockdown period. The e-mail looked absolutely genuine. All they had to do was to click and fill in the survey and forward it to 10 WhatsApp users. It was a scam – a Phishing e-mail capable of stealing their personal information.

In tandem with the worldwide chaos caused by COVID-19, the virus is now wreaking a havoc in the virtual world too with scamsters using it as a bait for cybercrimes. E-mails from renowned WHO, UN, ICMR along with websites, messages and apps are being used to steal crucial information.  This is done with lures of various offers, discounts and freebees on products or listing on safety measures against virus and updated information of COVID-19. Mails are also being used to sell fake medical products like masks, vaccines, testing kits or even push work from home job offers. Meanwhile the social Media scamsters are attracting users to fundraising initiatives for victims of COVID-19 or inviting investments in companies that are helping fight virus. Another scam that was publicized heavily was downloading of app that would identify a COVID-19 positive person when such a person passes by you.

Here are TEN simple ways in which one can work from home without compromising on important data.

  1. Keep changing PC/Laptop Password once every other day.
  2. Keep complex passwords rather than names, birthdays of family members.
  3. Keep your PC’s/Laptop’s Operating system updated with latest security patches
  4. Use well known and paid Anti-virus software on your PC.
  5. Do not save pennies on Anti-Virus software at the cost of your life’s earnings
  6. Avoid visiting harmless looking websites and Apps
  7. Avoid websites that do not have basic security protocols such as HTTPS
  8. Do not open e-mails from unknown sources
  9. Do not click on any link as these links can steal information available on PC/Laptop
  10. Do not share OTP with any one not even with the Bank staff
Mr. Sanjiv Patki
Advisory Board Member (Monetonic)
#StaySafe #StaySecured #StayHome

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