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Financial Calculators

Education Calculator

It helps you to check for the future expenditure for your child higher education.

Marriage Calculator

It helps you see the future expenditure which would be incurred at the time of marriage of your children.

Human Life Value

The Human Life Value Calculator has been designed to help you assess your financial value to those you love by estimating the future financial contributions you will make to your family or the financial

SIP+Lumpsum Calculator

This calculator will help you to visualize the amount which you have invest in lumpsum and monthly basis.

Retirement Calculator

This calculator helps you see the future expenditure which would be incurred at the time you retire from active employment/service.

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Monetonic Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is an investment distribution firm established with an objective of helping investors reach their destination and aspirations by leveraging on financial technology. Read More


Monetonic’s vision is to be acknowledged as a leading distribution  firm that is a “Single Window”  provider that caters all the financial needs of individuals and corporates.


Our primary mission is to help investors with the best customer experience by providing latest technology based services.


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No. There is no fees and no other hidden charges. We generate our revenues from a small commission from Mutual Fund companies. More details are available on the disclosures page.

While all these distributors will help you with Mutual Fund transactions, our focus is beyond transactions.

At the heart of it, our continuous endeavor is to provide Honest Service to our clients while focusing on their long term benefit.

Clients who wish to invest physically are helped by adviser to select the right funds based on the individual’s profile. For those who choose to invest online, get to see the list of recommended funds in their account once they login.

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