Have you wondered that our best holidays are always amongst the hills and mountains, rivers and seas, forests and greenery, flowers and animals.

Only a weird person would like to spend his holidays amongst roads, bridges, infrastructure, airports, railway stations etc etc.

It’s not that infrastructure is of any lesser value and worth but just the quality of shapes and structure ; glass buildings, etc does not make a holiday that one can cherish.

Good ‘Infrastructure’ is just a ‘means’ to an ‘end’.

We need good infrastructure like roads, bridges and airports to reach far off erstwhile inaccessible locations to discover the wealth of nature.

The above example is nothing short of a lesson in ‘Personal Finance’.

Earning money and wealth creation has little meaning unless we have clear ‘Life Goals’ such as education, marriage, entrepreneurship,house purchase,retirement etc.

Money for the sake of money is like the cold but useful ‘infrastructure’ but when money works to meet our goals the entire experience is like a well earned holiday.

Therefore, it is crucial to link our investing to clearly defined goals.

Otherwise, we are wasting an opportunity called ‘Life’.

Happy Investing!


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