Henry Ford whipped poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance by allying himself with great minds, whose vibrations of thought he absorbed into his own mind.

Through his association with Edison, Burbank, Burroughs, and Firestone, Mr. Ford added to his own brain power, the sum and substance of the intelligence, experience, knowledge, and spiritual forces of these four men.

In the same way when an investor associates with a good advisor, the experience and knowledge of the advisor is added to the intellect and understanding of the investor.

The investor brings tons of emotional energy into his investment ( wanting to become rich in a jiffy ) whereas the advisor dispassionately nudges such unbridled emotions and manages the investor’s greed and fear.

In another manner of speaking we say that the advisor is a ‘sounding board’ for the investor.

Having the advisor to just understand the investor’s challenges makes the investment journey to take off in the right direction.

If one believes that product selection is the job of an advisor then it is better you don’t seek an advisor at all because ‘Google’ can solve this challenge more efficiently.

Being a sounding board is an intangible trait and algorithms including Google get perplexed in the grey zone.

Earning ‘returns’ is a tangible goal but the path to this goal is intangible. Walking this path using crutches of greed and fear only succeeds in taking one away from the goal. Management of behaviour is the only way to attain our financial goals.

The investor is prone to exhibit unusual money behaviour driven by emotional energy and an advisor brings his mind power to prevail upon the investor that stops the investor from becoming a victim of irrational exuberance.

Thus a good advisor manages the investor’s behaviour by bringing his mind’s energy to flow into the mind of the investor just like Henry Ford found his way by borrowing mind energy from his acclaimed friends.

Happy Investing!


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