Big Storm

When we build a house, we take so much care to have a strong foundation so that it can stand the test of weather and time or that we could build more above it in the course of time.

Do we take care to build our lives too on a strong faith foundation to courageously face the storms and challenges in life?

To stress the need to have strong faith, God told a parable of a wise man and foolish man who ventured to build a house. The wise man built his house upon the rock. The foolish man built his house upon the sand. The rains came down, the floods rose and gales and storms beat against the houses. The foolish man’s house crashed to the ground while the wise man’s house stood firm.

Most of us have experiences of facing storms. There could be financial storms, relationship storms, emotional storms, physical storms (health problems). People who build their lives on a strong faith foundation are those who will look at the storm calmly and courageously say “Oh Storm, God is great.” But people who do not have a strong faith foundation will look at the storm and cry out “Oh God! I have a big storm.”

We love our children so much that we give them the best of education, food, clothing, entertainment. But the most beautiful love gift we can give our children is the gift of a strong faith foundation in God. When we can give them this, they will be able to stand the challenges and storms of life courageously even when we are not around anymore.

A story is told of a shipwreck where everyone was swimming to safety. One sailor was struggling to make it to the shore when he suddenly saw a small rock protruding above the tide. He gripped to it tightly till the storm receded. When he reached the shore, people asked him “Did you not shake with fear when you held that small rock?” He quipped “Yes, I shook with fear, but the Rock did not shake and that’s why I am safe.”

Let us give ourselves and our children that rock to hold on to. When a pious man was on his deathbed he called all his children around him and said, “My children, if I leave all my wealth and property for you but do not leave you with a strong faith in God, you will be poor, very poor. But If I do not leave you any wealth or property but leave you with a strong faith in God, you will be rich, very rich indeed.”

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