There was a man who would every day buy apples on his way back from office.

And all through the night he would talk about the lovely apples that he bought.

He believed those apples would make the family healthy and thereby make a huge difference in their lives.

His wife on the other hand bought vegetables and fruits and brought them home in a basket.

One evening when the husband was alone in the house his eyes caught a glimpse of the basket. He walked towards the basket and opened it.

What he saw inside became a life time education.

What he saw was a mix of greens and fruits looking fresh as a daisy.

And amongst the fruits were some luscious apples.

He realized that while he only bought apples everyday, his wife brought home a balanced diet which most importantly included luscious apples.

The man here is like a stock picker who is excited in buying some select stocks while the lady is like the mutual fund buyer.

While you may buy stocks based on your personal analysis and knowledge, when you buy a mutual fund scheme, what you get is a well researched group of stocks which most importantly may also include the stock that you had bought based on your personal analysis.

So instead of getting all excited about picking stocks, just relax and invest in a mutual fund.

In all likelihood, you are likely to be a lot more satisfied.

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