Having recently travelled quite extensively in God’s own country, Kerala, one thing that caught my attention is the level of cleanliness.

The railway stations are literally spic and span. The moment I reached Mangalore, the usual station smell wafted out of every direction.

We often crib about the state of cleanliness in our country versus foreign countries and then resign to our fate of accepting this stench on account of high population.

Now a small state like Kerala too has a large population and poverty issues.

But cleanliness is like pride of nationality. If one is proud of his culture and state and if cleanliness is an integral part of that pride, then every person tirelessly and with pride work towards making the place clean and beautiful. I saw this in Kerala and felt so nice.

This made me thinking about personal finance. Just like the people make a difference to the state of cleanliness, likewise people’s investment habits are responsible for their state of wealth.

There is nothing wrong with the asset classes. What is wrong is the way in which we sometimes conduct ourselves. Investor behaviour is the prime cause of opportunity lost. Greed, fear, lack of education and patience are all human traits that causes wealth degeneration.

If we can manage our behaviours by taking the right guidance of a good Financial Distributor, we would be well on our way of making serious wealth for ourselves.

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