A rocking stock market is the time for the fund manager to shuffle stocks based on opportunities that emerge from macro-economic wobbling.

However many investors owning mutual funds too feel that their advisors should help them time such volatility arising out macro economic gyrations helping them sell when NAV is high and buy when it’s NAV is low.

Half knowledge of macro-economics and watching biased predictions and views on CNBC and allied channels helps to feed their greed.

This makes them take the most undesirable actions of wanting to sell and buy an ‘entire portfolio’ based on market moods.

The fund manager’s job of shuffling the portfolio should be left to the fund manager.

Let the investor not think he is a fund manager because he tracks the market, watches business channels and reads business publications.

An investor would have done is job well by simply staying invested, trusting the capabilities of his fund manager and not panicking whatsoever.

It’s like how as good passengers we tie the seat belt and remain seated during turbulence and allow the pilot to do his job of negotiating turbulent conditions.

Happy Investing!


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