A story teller knows that emotions are the key to decision making.

Logic is highly overrated. Particularly in finance, too much of emphasis has been placed on the persuasive power of analysis and logic.

We love to show charts, graphs, performance and outlook and somehow feel these are the most persuasive tools of selling.

Right now heart must be screaming, “OF COURSE”.

Logic does not change emotions – perceptions change emotions.

This is the reason advertising agencies create perception and attach them to products.

If you wear these shoes you are a champion, a winner. If you drink this soda you are risk taker living on the edge. Drive this car and you are controlling your own destiny.

Perceptions alter emotions. Decisions are based on which direction emotions are altered.

Logic based presentation based on fact and analysis put half the brain to sleep and provide negligible impact on emotions.

The story teller is in the business of creating positive perceptions.

By reducing complex investment issues into simple, understandable and metaphorical terms, you promote the relevant perception so that your clients can understand what they are buying.

Story telling is a neglected tool which can boost your business. Use it liberally without any qualms.

Happy Investing!


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