One day Mr Volatility walked up to the swimming pool. There were many swimmers having a good time. They were singing, joking, simply playing. They were relaxed and in no hurry.
Mr Volatility walked up to one of the swimmers and mentioned, ‘how’s your crocodile’.
That set the cat among the pigeons and the swimmers started to rush out of the swimming pool. They seemed to be running for their lives. They all believed that a crocodile was in the pool.
In no time the pool got empty. Everybody was now a mile away from the pool.
Alas there was no crocodile.
When Mr Volatility was asked as to why he caused such a panic, he nonchalantly replied, “I was just checking with the swimmer about his ‘Crocodile ‘brand of swim suit”.
This is exactly we have an upheaval in the stock market when volatility pays a visit because of rumour mongering.
To be a successful investor simply stick to your investment path irrespective of rumours and NEWS flows.
If the fundamentals of the economy are strong then there cannot be a better tool than SIP that not only works in a rising market but also in a volatile and a falling market.
There will always be Mr. Volatility lurking in some corner. Just ignore him and stick to your investment path. That will make you, Mr Stability.

Happy Investing!


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