A few years ago, a famous American designer began to advertise her new fragrance for women in the Latin American market. The advertising campaign emphasised on the perfume’s fresh camellia scent. The fragrance did not move from the shelves of stores in Latin America at all because camellias are the flowers used for funerals in most of Latin America.

A detergent brand in the Middle East illustrated the power of its product visually by showing three frames. The first had a dirty garment, the second showed the garment dipped in a bucket of detergent solution and the third showed the sparkling clean garment. This was thought to be simple and full proof. Except the team positioned the boxes from left to right, while Arabs usually read from right to left. So consumers were receiving the message that clean garments come out dirty after using the detergent.

The above two examples have been taken from Suman Srivastava ‘s book “Marketing Unplugged” is so relevant in the context of Personal Finance where there is no one solution for all people.

Different people have different attitudes, different value systems, different goals and different abilities of handling uncertainty.

This calls for someone who understands all this.

A Financial Distributor will sort your aspirations by tailoring his guidance.

“Mutual Fund Sahi Hai Par Financial Distributor Zaroori Hai”.
Name: Anil Mhatre
Mobile: 9820097048
Email: contact@monetonic.com

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