There was a park and many children would often play in the park.

Occasionally, a very rude and ugly looking man would visit the park for a walk.

He looked extremely ferocious. The children were so petrified of his looks they would run away the moment they would see Khatarnak Uncle at a distance.

Now this continued for many years but one day another Uncle stopped the children from running away and told them that there was no need for them to fear Khatarnak Uncle because he wasn’t harmful but only looked cruel.

That day most of the children stayed back and continued to play in the presence of Khatarnak Uncle.

To their pleasant surprise he did not bother them. So the next time more children decided to stay back when Khatarnak Uncle stepped in.

He was no longer was Khatarnak.

What made the children change their view and accept Uncle Khatarnak?

Just a little education by the nice uncle who met them one day as they were running away frantically on seeing Uncle Khatarnak.

Now the stock market is also seen my many investors as Mr Khatarnak. They feel it is a gambling den full of vices.

They hold this view because of lack of education.

Nobody has ever told them that Mr Market isn’t ferocious and that is only because of a lack of education that people have this kind of misconception.

Do your investments despite Mr Market and be rest assured that he will never hurt you.

Infact it is because of Mr Market you will create wealth. There is no risk in Mr Market.

The only risk, if ever, is the “risk of staying uneducated”.

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