Life is full of SIPs.

When we go jogging, swimming or gymming we are doing SIP. Regular exercises makes our body reward us and we experience growth in terms of stamina, muscles and overall health. SIP leads to growth.

SIP IN STUDIES : When we study regularly our mind rewards us by way of growth in our ‘intellect’. SIP leads to growth.

SIP IN WORK : When we do our work with regularity whichever field we may be in, we experience growth. We are able to work faster and deliver not only more volumes but better value of work as well. Our work rewards us. SIP leads to growth.

SIP IN INVESTING : When we invest in Equities vide the SIP route, we experience growth in wealth over the long term. Our investment reward us. SIP leads to growth.

But when we invest in Fixed Deposits, our SIP discipline remains unrewarded. Over here the investment does not reward us.

Despite regular investing over a long period of time we don’t experience growth in wealth. Typically whatever growth is seen gets nullified by inflation.

In FDs, it does not lead to growth.

In conclusion, SIP in its true sense causes an asset to grow ; be it health, be it intellect, be it performance be it wealth of equities.

Through this lens of growth, investing by way of SIP in FDs is an anomaly because the wealth does not experience growth.

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