A Hindu family was travelling in a vehicle.
A terrorist stopped the vehicle, pointed an automatic weapon at the head of the family and asked – “which religion do you follow? ”
The elder replied “we are Muslims……”
The terrorist asked him to recite a verse from the Koran…..
The elder recites a verse……
The terrorist said – you may proceed….
The terrorist let the family pass through without harming them…..
When the Hindu family went some distance, the wife of the elder gent asked him, “you recited a verse from the Bhagwad Gita, then how did he let us off ?”
To this, the elder replied……
“if he had read the Koran, he would not have become a terrorist”….
Similarly people acting like advisors dispense free unsolicited advice to their friends, relatives and acquaintances.
They say something to the effect of,
1) “Never invest in equities, it is dangerous, like gambling. Be safe rather than be sorry.
2) Real Estate without doubt is the best investment.
3) FD is the best investment.
4) CAGR is confusing. Just look at absolute returns
5) Our economy may be good but markets are dangerous. One would rather do bungee jumping than indulge in the market
6) Investing is an art for people who are smart
They too in a sense are like terrorists because their advice in the long run will set us behind in our pursuit of our life goals resulting in poverty and pain in the going forward.
Such free unsolicited advice cause no less damage to our lives. One terrorist causes immediate death and the other causes slow death.
Be careful from whom you take investment advice.
One should therefore speak with experienced and qualified advisors who not only handhold the customer, guide them correctly but spend equal time in educating them.
Be an educated investor. Contact an advisor who not only advises but also educates. Contact us.

Happy Investing!

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