The Little Princess

A mother was reading a fairy tale for her little daughter.

“And then the princess found herself locked in a tower surrounded by a stinky moat with crocodiles and a huge scary dragon guarding the door,” read the mother, with her eyes wide and voice deep.

Then, she made a sad face and continued softly, “So, the poor princess waited and waited for her prince to come–”

“But, why was she waiting for the prince, mumma?!” asked the little girl, impatiently.

The mother added, “To come and save her, silly.”

“But, mumma, why did she need a prince to save her?” the girl asked again.

“Uhh… hmm…” the mother was at a loss of words.

The little girl said proudly, “If it were me, instead of waiting for years and years for a prince, I would have tamed the dragon and flew out of the window.

I would have rescued myself.”

She discarded the book and walked away, “This princess is stupid.”

The mother whispered with a broad smile, “I guess it is time to rewrite the fairy tales.”


Lets teach our daughters to be self sufficient and independent rather than waiting for a prince or a miracle to happen to them..


Likewise we also have to rewrite the investment story of the past. As we know past is not the future as far investments are concerned.

Just like the social order is changing every 10 to 15 years ( these days even 5 years is seen as a generation ) so also our investment strategy needs to change. Haven’t we all known for long enough that “Change is the only constant”.

1) Like the girl could not relate to the princess waiting for the prince to rescue her so also an investor today cannot wait for ‘old generation financial instruments like Fixed Deposits’ to rescue him or her.

2) Just like the girl thought of taming the dragon, so also every person should think of taming volatility / uncertainty of the stock markets by getting educated in personal finance.

3) And like the girl said she would fly out of the window into the world of freedom, likewise investors should aim to fly into the world of financial freedom by investing in appropriate asset classes.

A Financial Distributor is the person who can provide the best guidance.

In the past “fixed deposits” and “company deposits” gave a higher rate of interest which was sufficient to keep inflation away. Hence at that point in time the role of the Financial Distributor was comparatively limited.

However, today the environment is a lot more complex. People are living longer, job and salary security have nearly gone, retirement age is falling every passing year.

Fixed deposits and fixed income instruments have lost their teeth and have turned benign. Beyond serving the investor for 2 to 3 years these fixed income products have become a liability.

There are many more products in the market and each comes with its own merits and demerits.

It is important to know which produced suits the investor and which does not. Every investor has his or her unique requirements. No longer does one product fits all and hence one cannot invest blindly.

Professional guidance and expertise can help one sail into the world of financial freedom.

Even though you may invest under the Financial Distributor’s guidance, it is always recommended that you understand what you’re doing.

In this regard, your Financial Distributor will be happy to first educate you before guiding you to your investment plan.

One must also remember that in life and particularly in investing, ‘time’ is everything and losing “time” is unpardonable. You don’t get a second chance if you allow “time” to pass by.

So contact your Financial Distributor before it gets too late.


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