By Mr. Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple Inc.

What is Passion? I believe that Passion is simply having a burning desire, strong belief, and love for what you do. See the great successful entrepreneurs, players and writers all men of passion. Their works reflects the passion, the desire and the fire in them. With passion in their hearts and fire in their souls they become masters in their field of work, which enabled them to never give up when obstacles and challenges came their way.

Believe it or not, achieving your financial goals is very much like playing the game. It requires the same passion, dedication, patient, and commitment to play the game. One needs to set goals, & have discipline to work towards them in order to achieve them. Invest regularly although it may be in small lots, do your thinking and research and after doing it, don’t panic just because the market went against you.

Obstacles will come; do not eye off your financial goal, do attach with your investments in line with your financial goals. Do not think about obstacles and stay invested for long term. Remember, the stock market rewards those who are patient. Stay calm. Start planning today for a better tomorrow.

“Your passion is your energy, Focus on it, follow on it!”

Happy Investing!

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