The Volatility Show
Imagine if a movie was being released only for one show and you missed the first 25 minutes of the movie.
How would you feel?
Wouldn’t you feel extremely deprived because you’re unable to enjoy the full value of the movie.
But luckily we have multiple shows of the same movie and even if you arrive late for a particular show, you can always watch the movie in the next show.
The same thing is played out in stock markets.
Had the stock market gone up only one way upwards without “Volatility” then in such a scenario the later you would enter, the bigger would be your opportunity loss.
It is “Volatility” that presents a chance to those who missed entering the market in the first place or those who entered late to earn the full potential arising out of the economic growth.
Thus volatility allows you another chance to watch a new show at a new time and enjoy the fruits of your investment without any compromise.


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