Are you still waiting on the sidelines, when

Markets are touching new highs everyday

Investor confidence is rising

There is a stable government at the center & new policy decisions are expected

Hope are ripe for improving macro factors

Foreign investors are finding India attractive investment destination

What are you waiting for…?

It is time for you to build exposure towards equity. Equity Mutual Fund is an ideal option for many of us in such scenarios as there is a dedicated professional fund manager managing our money, taking buying/selling decisions in fundamentally good companies and ensuring lower risks through diversification.

So, stop worrying about timing the market and start disciplined investing via SIPs in Equity Mutual Fund. In a SIP, the investor regularly invests a sum of money every month into buying units of a mutual fund. Because investment is made in small parts or installments, SIP helps investors avoid the risk of timing the markets and helps create wealth in a disciplined manner.

Benefits of SIP:

* Regular investing makes difference

* Reduces the risk of lump-sum purchases

* Power of compounding

* Benefit of taxation

Happy Investing!


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