Once, two monks were returning to their home. It had rained heavily, and water had blocked the roads in the village.

At one place a beautiful young lady was stuck and was unable to cross the road. The elder monk went up to her, lifted her up, helped her to cross the road, and continued on his journey home.

The other monk was confused, and wondered, How can he touch the lady? As monks, we are not to touch a woman. He walked to the elder monk and asked him, “Sir, as a monk we are not allowed to touch a woman, right?”

The elder monk replied, “That’s true brother.”

“Then how come you carried that woman to the other side of the road?”

The elder monk replied, “I dropped her on the other side, but you are still carrying her in your thoughts.”

Like the younger monk, many people carry the burden of things that have happened in the past like past market crashes.

These thoughts act like chains that impede our progress.

Strange as it may sound, but nobody carries positive memories of bull runs.

The environment is dynamic. Both good and bad news would ebb and flow from time to time without us having any control over them.

Hence as investors one must keep the market noise out of our lives and simply focus on taking one SIP step at a time in the direction of our financial goals.

The economy is young and has the potential to grow based on strong economic fundamentals.

Happy Investing!


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