Go to any part of the world, you’ll always find “Vanilla” ice cream. Not just today but it has been exactly like this since ages.
Likewise eat anything you may fancy, you’ll eventually crave for your ‘rice and dal’ or rice and sambhar’ or plain hot Dal & Roti, etc.
Clearly in the long run the tried and tested simple staple food is what keeps us going.
As people get richer they try what they describe as exotic food only to return to the simple fare sooner rather than later.
This holds true in investing as well. As people turn rich they resort to investing in exotic financial instruments carrying undue risks.
But over time they too realize the folly of the exotic and the virtue of the simple.
At the end of the day if you wish to live a happy life and fulfill all your realistic financial goals, all you need to do is start and sustain your SIP in a classic large cap fund or balanced fund, the staple diet for all investors.
Now think of rain splashing on your windows while you relax indoors with hot tea and ‘bhajiyas’.
Was anything ever more beautiful than simplicity? 

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