Once a dog ran into a museum- where all the walls, the ceilng, the door and even the floor were made of mirror.
Seeing this the dog froze in surprise in the middle of the hall.
A whole pack of dogs surrounded him from all sides, from above and below.
Just in case, the dog bared his teeth all the reflections responded to it in the same way.
Frightened, the dog frantically barked — the reflections imitated the bark and increased it many times.
The dog barked even harder and the echo was keeping up.
The dog tossed from one side to another, biting the air — his reflections also tossed around snapping their teeth.
Next day in the morning the museum security guards found the miserable dog, lifeless and surrounded by a million reflections of lifeless dogs.
There was nobody, who would make any harm to the dog. The dog died by fighting with his own reflections.
Like the dog saw danger when there was none, in investing scores of investors see danger when there is none.
Every time the markets turn choppy people see danger and become fearful.
They turn to media for education not realising that media never educates. On the contrary media makes sensation and accentuates the fear.
Having already been caught in the web of his own fear arising out of paucity of knowledge the media exposure acts as the icing on the cake making Mr Investor sink into the ocean of self created fear.
All it would have taken was the services of a good Financial Distributor who would have forced him to wear a seat belt and sit tight till the turbulent phase of the journey ended and all was calm again.
Such opportunity losses prevent us from reaching our goals leaving us with a deprived life.

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