5 groups of people who need life insurance. Are you one of them?

1.) You are a breadwinner

If you are the provider for your family, you need life insurance. This is to ensure that your spouse and children will be taken care of financially in the event of your death or total permanent disability.

2.) You have a Home Mortgage

Nothing can be more tragic than your loved ones having to move out of the comfort of their home during the time of their bereavement.

3.) You have aging parents who rely on you

Even if you are single, you may still have aging parents or a special needs sibling who depend on you. You’ll want to ensure that they continue to receive the care that they need should you pass on prematurely.

4.) You are a Business owner

Business debts left behind can be a burden to your loved ones when you die. Having a life insurance ensures that they will receive a pay-out that can help pay off your debaters and estate taxes.

5.) You have unpaid loans & debts

Debts and loans don’t get written off when you die, although many seem to think so. Some of them will be passed on to the people you left behind.

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